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On the mtDNA link to the left is my detailed mtDNA tree. Myself 

Mary Christie Priest b 1922

Mary Masson b 1887

Janet Masson b 1863

Mary Christie b 1831

Mary Masson b 1779

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mtDNA haplogroup of L. David Roper. Not related but a great page showing what can be done with the data and genetic research.

Janet Adam. b 1867                                               Janet is the last person I have records for on this line. Now who was Janet's Mum? Janet was most likely born in Cowie so maybe a Lee or Masson.

Anyone with the same or similar pathway to Janet will have the same mtDNA as I do baring any mutations in the line.

Colin Milne is a good example. His Mum Dorothy Blair

Jane Christie b 1873

Jean Masson b 1850

Janet Masson b 1812

Janet Adam b 1867