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Image produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordnance Survey

  Skateraw is the name of an old fishing village right on the NE coast of Scotland about 10 miles south of Aberdeen. Oral history has Skateraw from Gaelic meaning a 'row on a rock'. Now called Newtonhill the name evolved over the years as the small village population increased. Newtonhill was the name of the old train station. I've seen Newtonhill used over Skateraw in the 1910 time frame. Maybe someone else can find earlier references.

  Oral history Sept 2002 has it the last thatched roof was replaced approximately 60 years ago. A few houses are no longer there but many of the old homes still exist. Of course the homes where modified over the years. One of the old smokehouses stands on Skateraw Road and is in first class condition. The current owner was very kind and allowed us to tour the inside. His wonderful upkeep of the old smokehouse will allow many generations to enjoy this piece of history. Age is over two hundred years.

Click on the link to see a photo of the smokehouse.

Skateraw Smokehouse

Second photo of the smokehouse

Skateraw Smokehouse

Newtonhill (Skateraw)

Newtonhill has a web site with some good information on current events.

House Numbers

House numbers from Valuation Rolls for the County of Kincardine. A great source for narrowing down the correct house of our family.

  Skateraw   Where did the name Skateraw come from?     An article done by Sheila Hamilton for the Aberdeen Evening Express quotes Johnny Masson one of the last of the Skateraw Masson & Christie Fisherfolk.
"Let us at once dispose of any theory that the name "Skateraw" has anything to do with the fish 'skate'.. It comes, says Johnny Masson, without hesitation, from the Gaelic meaning a 'row on a rock'. In fact, his father used to talk about there having been an old row of cottages on the cliff top above the cave in the little harbor..."
   Read the entire article Fishy Stories from Skateraw on Stuart Christie's web page.                         
The Christies of Skateraw, Muchalls, Cowie, Findon & Downies