1841 Skateraw
1851 Skateraw
1861 Skateraw
1871 Skateraw
1881 Skateraw
1891 Skateraw
House Numbers
Skateraw Census

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Bob Kinahan

Care was taken in transcription from microfilm to paper but no doubt errors are in these copies.

Some data was very difficult to read and a subjective guess was made due to the script and sometimes overexposed film.1871 census was the worst.

House numbers from Valuation Rolls for the County of Kincardine. A great source for narrowing down the correct house of our familys.

Census dates

1841 was taken on June 7. In 1841 it was the policy after 15 to round down to the nearest 5 years.

1851 Taken on March 31

1861 Taken on April 8

1871 and 1881 on April 3

1891 on April 5