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                                                                                                     Saint Ternan's

    The congregation of St Ternan's represents the Episcopalians of Fetteresso Parish Church who were driven out in 1705.A meeting house was established at the Chapel at Muchalls Castle about 1708. An additional meetinghouse was established at Portlethen in 1738
The first chapel in Muchalls itself was built about 1624 as an adjunct to the castle. Hanoverian forces destroyed this first chapel as they proceeded to Culloden in 1746. As was the chapel at Portlethen. Simple, temporary chapels to serve the needs of Episcopalians were built in a field above the castle in 1748 and 1770. A more substantial building was put up in 1795 by which time the Episcopal Church was enjoying greater toleration from the establishment.
In 1828-1831 the old chapel was abandoned and a new one (the centre section of the existing church) built on the present site. Additions to this building allowed it to accommodate larger numbers. These additions included a gallery (since removed) and a lengthening of the main section.
The last major change came in 1865 with the building of the chancel. It was at this time that the "Episcopal Chapel at Muchalls", as it had always been known, adopted a new constitution and became St Ternan's Church.
During the late 19th and early 20th century changes in the fishing industry resulted in population shifts from the small coastal villages into the larger towns and cities. By the 1930's the congregation had declined seriously. Despite this, the small congregations kept the church open and were served by clergy from Torry until 1946. Since then St Ternan's has been an independent charge with full-time and part-time priests-in-charge. During the several interregnums Lay Readers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Deacons have ensured a continuity of worship and celebration here.
As the new millennium dawns the villages are repopulated and St Ternan's has, once again, become a vigorous centre for the propagation of the Christian message.

St Ternan's is to be found to the west of the A90 the main road south from Aberdeen, opposite the road to Muchalls village. It is located on the Causey Mouth road, which prior to the building of the turnpike was the main road to Aberdeen along which Cumberland's troops would have marched on the way to Culloden.
 St Ternan's is the northernmost Scottish Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Brechin and has a congregation of approx. 150 individuals. We are a member of the Anglican community and are twinned with the congregation of "All Saints" in our companion diocese of Iowa in the USA.

The congregation is busily involved in a number of ecumenical activities, Bible studies, Sunday School Craft Group (for fellowship and fundraising) with all groups meeting regularly. Annual
Ecumenical activities include Lent Groups, World Day of Prayer and Christian Aid. There are also social events throughout the year and a walking group, which meets monthly after Sunday Service.
All are welcome to join in our services and activities.
Sunday service at St Ternan's is Holy Eucharist at 10.30am with Sunday school and a crèche for the little ones
Every Sunday at 9.00am service of Holy Communion is celebrated in Bourtree Hall Portlethen
Lunch club meets in Bourtree Hall Portlethen with guest speakers on the 1st Monday in each month at 12 to 2pm in conjunction with YWCA.

The Rev. Rita Acarnley has accepted the post of Priest in Charge at St Ternan's. She will also be the Rector of St James Stonehaven and St Philips Catterline. Rita took up her post in the first week of January 2003 and along with her family is residing in the rectory at St Ternan's.

For further information contacts the Rev Rita Acarnley Email:
A Prayer of Thanks

Heavenly Father we thank you for the devotion shown by our predecessors in this place. Help us, who are custodians of what they put in place, to be good stewards of our inheritance, that St Ternan's Church can continue as a haven of peace for meditation, a well-ordered temple for the celebration of the sacraments, a radiant center for joyful worship, praise and thanksgiving, a place of inspired teaching of the lessons of the scriptures, a welcome home to friends and strangers alike, a beacon to broadcast the good news brought to us by your Son, a place to confess, to forgive and to be forgiven.